Boxing Mouthguard

Mouthguards are a very important piece as they protect the teeth and avoid lip bites using the specific equipment. They are an essential protection for practicing boxing as it keeps your jaw safe and stable on impact. Buddha puts at your disposal a wide range of models, materials and colors.

Simple Mouthguard Colors

Price €6.00
Become the mouthguard and Simple Protect yourself with color and style. Our oral come with a plastic box to store them after training. Senior size. Choose your favorite !!
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Simple Mouthguard Children

Price €6.00
Enjoy the new children's mouth. Buddha Sports know that safety comes first, so we have launched this new line of mouth, more compact dimensions for our young champions....
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Double Mouthguard

Price €8.00
Get absorption and dispersion of impactoque allows you the confidence to train with tranquility. Enter the product in a container with boiling water about 10 seconds and take...
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