What kind of gyms do professional wrestlers want?

Published : 2017-01-16 - Categories : Boxing , Contact sports and Martial Arts

The question is simple, but the answer can be a bit complicated: if I want to look for a place like the ones that professional wrestlers want, what kind of gym would be the best to train?

The reality is that entering a gym is an important decision, because it takes a good portion of time in the day, so you have to choose wisely. Who wants the crown in a professional tournament does not start at moderate or low levels, always enter a gym where you practice the sport at a high level. You pay more, but it's worth doing.

The gym should have a high reputation in the combat discipline you are looking to practice. There are four characteristics that professional wrestlers prefer in their gym:

Good chemistry

This is more important than many people think. The companions must be like a family, because in sports of struggle there will always be small rivalries in the practices, some that another resentment and for that reason the failures of communication and trust should never happen.
Who wants to embark on a path to a career, we recommend observing a practice and consider whether it can be integrated. Talk to the trainers a bit about what you have in mind and depending on the receptivity, you will know if you are able to feel at home in that gym. The training place should work for the fighter on a personal level, that is priority.

Strength in the team

Unfortunately, combat sports are not exact like math. Gym buddies make each wrestler enter into an inverse relationship with their shortcomings. If you are all geared towards Muay Thai, you should work on your wrestling skills if you do not want to spend most of your time on the face-up rug looking at the light bulbs.
A professional wrestler seeks partners with different characteristics with whom he can contrast his weaknesses and work on them. Usually fighters with greater physical size or specialized in other disciplines.

Attitude to the sparring

No matter how much you train, nothing will do if you are always hurt. These gyms are usually put as much effort as possible, but there is a saying that "if you break your toys, you will have nothing to play with."
A good training center has an instructor attentive to injuries and injuries, but is able to maintain an environment where everyone strives to the maximum.


This topic is not about choosing the gym that is closer to your home. If the goal is to reach a high level, it is necessary a sacrifice by the fighter moving to the center that best suits his needs, as have thousands of elite athletes around the world.
Contact sports can result in a short run, so a professional will not want to trip over the fact of missing your home.
There are gyms that are the only ones in your area and have everything under one roof, but professionals usually move to cities where there are many spaces to train, because most fighters practice their Kickboxing in one place and Jiu Jitsu in another, always Looking for the best place to optimize each skill.

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