Leather or Synthetic?

If you are a beginner we recommend ranges economic leatherette or leather gloves Synthetic since to begin your workouts are perfect, cheaper and available models and many Ounces.

If you are looking for gloves for more frequent training and professional equipment we recommend Leather Gloves, you will see in our brand a very good range manufactured in the best factories in Thailand.


Boxing Gloves in sizes ranging Ounces (28.35 grams). In Buddha Sports we recommend:

- 4,6,8 Ounces Children / as aged 6 years to 12 years.
- 10 Ounces intended for women and men no more than 50 kilos.
- 12 Ounces, is the most popular measure, we recommend the 12 Ounces for Women and Men not exceeding 70 Kilos also say that many professional wrestlers low- and high weights use it to hit a Sacks, Pao or mittens.
- 14 Ounces (-80 kilos) and 16 ounces (-95 Kilos). Recommended for hard training and sparring gloves moderate.
- 18 Ounces fully suitable for Sparring.

We also recommend that you talk to your coach will also tell you which is your right Onza.

¿Velcro or strings?

String Gloves are especially useful for professional struggles placement and grip. They are also recommended for professional wrestlers or long workouts, routes and sparring.
Velcro Gloves are the most popular, easy and quick installation.