about us


Buddha Sports is currently one of the biggest brands in Europe in contact sports articles and Brazilian Jujitsu , the first national manufacturer of BJJ kimonos themselves and innovate with all sporting materials.

More than a brand ... a lifestyle


Buddha Sports was born from an innovative idea. The creation of a brand that is unlike any other for the best quality products at the best prices in the market. This ambitious goal set the pace of Buddha Sports since 2007 .

We conduct ongoing research to the real needs of the fighters and professionals to adapt and manufacture our products in line with the evolution of the sport.

Our own factories are located in areas where the raw materials that make our products have the best quality and experience in production is higher , Thailand , Taiwan and Pakistan.

Our leading brand in the industry for its quality and price is already consolidated in Spain , Switzerland , Brazil, France and Holland. We are very proud of this national and international recognition and next month will begin an ambitious expansion project for the rest of Europe and USA.

Products and Services

We work every day to provide athletes with greater accessibility to the widest range of contact sports. Buddha Sports offers all equipment than any fighter in any discipline need. The design of our products is paramount to us . Our unique and innovative proposals put us at the forefront of the market. Our design team makes striking and original products surprising competitors and sports professionals.

The great commitment we made to Customer Satisfaction Buddha becomes our main asset . Thus , through Galas and Events we support those who are new to the sport and professional prestige. Share experiences discovering the concerns of athletes.


Our brand is differentiated by its quality and durability. This object is achieved by betting only the best material from each source location . From the finest leathers to the tissues of higher degree.

Distribution and Logistics

We have a great infrastructure, both at the manufacturing level and at the level of storage. We ensure steady supply of raw materials for manufacturing materials . Our inventory management allows us to supply chain always provide our products at the time that is required to avoid any breakage of stock and subsequent opportunity cost. Our key pass by offering a fast, personalized service, quality and reliable

For Buddha Sports there are no barriers , we got to find where passion for contact sports.