Espinillera Tibia+Botín Profesional 2.0

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  • M (40 a 42)
  • L (42 a 44)
  • XL (44 a 46)

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Pack content

The black shin guard Homologated for compititios is used in Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, Full Contact, MMA and Martial Arts. With double velcro for greater fastening and comfort. You can combine it with the Buddha booty for more protection or use it with your sneakers.

Data sheet

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For the toughest Kick Boxing or Full Contact training you can already enjoy the FEKM approved black ankle boots, made with double foam layer, they are essential for your workouts. The ideal is to combine it with our warm shin guard for more protection. Buddha Sports also thinks about our little champions, so we have children's sizes